6th Annual Free Combat Day

Every year Hard Knocks offers FREE Combat Day (FCD) as a thank you to the community that has supported us so well. It’s our customers that have made us the first choice in the world for Combat Entertainment and we appreciate you choosing Hard Knocks!

… Sunday 7/29/2011 from 3:00pm – 9:00pm

Combat is completely FREE for customers with an active Defcon4 membership.
All participants in FCD must “Like” Hard Knocks on Facebook.

If you don’t have a current membership or your membership expired you can get an annual membership on Free Combat Day and still be eligible.
A Defcon4 annual membership costs $7 Even if you have never been to Hard Knocks before you can participate for $7 and have your membership for a year covered.
We will have PC stations available for you to “Like” Hard Knocks on Facebook if you haven’t already.

How Long:
While FREE Combat Day runs for 6 hours we can only forecast your participation in 3 missions.
Our goal is to get everyone a mission in each of our three Arenas; Office, Warehouse and House.

FCD is very busy, come early there is typically a line.
We will have other promotions and discounts available for you to purchase on FCD for your next visit to Hard Knocks.
We are planning to get each one of our guests a mission in each of our three arenas, but we cannot guarantee that.
Depending on capacity, you may have to exit Hard Knocks once your 3 free missions are complete.
We cannot guarantee you be assigned with a specific group, we certainly will try, staying in a group could delay the start of your free missions.
We do have regular price private party slots from 8:00am – 3:00pm, trying to coordinate a “free” party after 3:00pm on FCD is not advised. That tactic could really limit your party experience.
We will not be taking any other offers or coupons on FCD.

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