Advanced Laser Tag and NEW Combat Simulation in Orlando Florida

Game Changed: Hard Knocks’ NEW Combat Simulators have been Activated.

Hard Knocks has recently welcomed a new addition to our advanced combat facility: Military-Grade Combat Simulators. Designed to drop you down in realistic military scenarios aimed at increasing skills in both accuracy and survival. Goal=Survive. Mission=Complete the objective. In addition to laser tag, Hard Knocks now gives combatants the opportunity to participate in a unique and memorable experience unlike anything else in the world. Players of all ages, from birthday parties to corporate team buildings, youth groups to bachelor parties, can now experience what it’s like to be dropped down in an Afghan Village with an M-4 and go force on force against your opponents, in “Scorpion”. Or use a SAW M249, in “Dust”, to rescue the town doctor from the lethal war lord, as the Architect Regulator changes the conditions in real-time.  Enemies, night-vision, rain, IADs, all controlled by our experienced team. Only at Hard Knocks: Beyond laser tag. Your indoor war.

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