Catch Some Great Combat Deals with Hard Knocks’ New Weekday Promotions

School is back in session which means it’s time to get back into a routine. With so many new weekday promotions, be sure Hard Knocks is included in that routine.

Monday Nights are Ladies Night where female combatants play for FREE from 7PM-10PM with an active membership.

Tuesday is Armed Forces Night where you can receive Unlimited Combat from 7PM-Close for just $19.99 with a Military ID & active membership.

Wednesday Night is University Night where college students receive Unlimited Combat from 7PM-Close for just $19.99 with a Student ID & active membership.

Thursday Night is Hospitality Night where service industry professionals can release some steam with Unlimited Combat from 7P-Close for only $21.99 with a work ID or paystub & active membership.

Don’t qualify for any of those promotions and still want to play? Check out our Hoo-Rah Pass available Monday-Thursday with Unlimited Combat 7PM-Close with an active membership. (Prices and participation vary per location.)

And for the youth we offer our Detention Pass Monday-Thursday with Unlimited Combat for combatants under 17 from 4PM-7PM with an active membership. (Prices and participation vary per location.)

That’s lots of new ways to get into combat & play your favorite missions every week! We’ll keep the armory locked & loaded for you.

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