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What are the differences between Hard Knocks and paintball or Airsoft?

The technology used by Hard Knocks is the major difference. Weapons fire at a substantially greater range without risking the welts associated with projectile games like paintball and Airsoft. No matter how many referees a paintball field employs there is no way to keep a player who’s been eliminated by paintball splatter from firing their paintball gun and unfairly playing in a game. Hard Knocks equipment has an integrated anti-cheat technology built in. Once a combatant is eliminated, only a Regulator can reactivate a combatant’s equipment. Missions are much more sophisticated, with multiple roles and objectives. Not all roles or strategies require shooting all the time. Working together, leadership and communication may be important parts of accomplishing an objective.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Reservations are not required for walk-in guests. If it will be your first visit to Hard Knocks, we recommend arriving about 15 minutes prior to the time you’d like to begin the combat simulation to account for the check-in process.

If you or your group are looking to do a private function, celebrate a special occasion, or run exclusively in one of our combat arenas, we have many group packages available. Hard Knocks also hosts corporate team building, birthday parties, and bachelor parties, to name but a few. All group events do require reservations and a deposit at least 48 hours in advance. If you are interested in this type of event, please proceed to our Group Sales page.

Can I come by myself, or do I need to come with a group?

Combatants may come to Hard Knocks individually or with a group. Much like a pick-up game, combat runs continuously and teams fluctuate in size depending on traffic. If you would like to come as a group, that is encouraged as well. Our Regulators will do their best to keep your team together as long as there is an equal distribution of talent. Reservations are not required.

Who can participate?

Our wide variety of weapon models makes it simple to match a rifle with any frame. Missions are based on objectives using leadership and communication skills, not necessarily physical strength, in order to win.

What are the age requirements for combat?

In order to play open combat we recommend for each guest to be at least 8 years old, or 50 inches tall. Special group rates are available for guests 5 to 7 years old through our Group Sales Department.

Is it safe?

Hard Knocks is committed to providing a safe environment for its combatants. All weapons are eye-safe. The core technology used by Hard Knocks is infrared light. Infrared is on the safe side of the visible spectrum, using an infrared beam no stronger than a television remote. Regulators, our female combat referees, monitor each mission to ensure all Rules of Engagement are being followed and reinforce the proper operation of the weapons.

Is there any special training?

The only training that Hard Knocks requires is that each of its combatants is briefed on our Rules of Engagement and Way of the Gun.

What equipment do I need to participate?

The only equipment required at Hard Knocks is comfortable clothes, a pair of closed-toe shoes, and a membership card with an active time balance. Unlike paintball and Airsoft there are no costly equipment rentals, safety gear required or lengthy preparation time.

What is Combat?

Combat is our sophisticated version of laser tag. Hard Knocks has more than 85 different real-world missions aimed at accomplishing team objectives. Traditional laser tag games outfit all players with identical looking gun models. At Hard Knocks, the weapons used are realistic, military-grade replicas, each with their own advantages. Players are able to visually identify what weapon their opponent has and what type of threat is represented.

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