Fire An Upgraded Laser Tag Weapon at our Pointe Orlando Location

At Hard Knocks, we want our members to experience combat as if they were on the front lines themselves. You won’t find toy guns, fog machines, or cheap gags in our arenas. The digital weapons in our armory are a sophisticated alternative from your typical laser tag. We take combat simulation seriously and our weaponry is excellent proof of that.

Each of our guns are military-grade with a realistic weight and feel that have been customized for your entertainment. At our West Orlando location, we offer shotguns, pistols, MP-5s, and SMGs to choose from before entering combat. Unlike traditional laser tag, our weapons aim with an infrared light, which is entirely eye-safe and adapted from combat simulation equipment.

Additionally, we offer a more advanced gun that is exclusive to our West Orlando location. We call these our “Upgraded Weapons” and offer special mission packages designed for this gun option. Our Upgraded Weapons have changeable magazines, a physical recoil, multiple hit sensors on the vest, and overall present a more realistic look. They are completely wireless from the vest which allows for more freedom during play. For you gun enthusiasts, we’re confident you’ll be impressed with the craft and design of our Upgraded Weaponry and enjoy testing your skills.

For more information about our armory and Upgraded Mission pricing, please call 855-9COMBAT. Remember: This is not a game, this is war.

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