Hard Knocks 2016 Youth Summer Camps

Gluing macaroni to plates can be fun, but wouldn’t you rather engage in activities that are exciting and actually challenge your mental & physical capabilities?

Our Hard Knocks Youth Summer Camps are way more than just playing laser tag all day (but don’t worry kids, you’ll get to play missions.) We go above & beyond with specialized combat training from our Regulators while providing an atmosphere built for fun & learning.

We have 6 different Summer Camp Sessions you can attend throughout the months of June & July and if you register by June 6th, you’ll get $20 off each Session! Each session runs from Monday to Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm. Hard Knocks also offers extended options until 6:00pm and if you extend for 4 days, you’ll get the fifth one for free!

Our Youth Summer Camps will be available at all Hard Knocks locations, including Dallas TX, Orlando FL, Jacksonville FL, Tulsa OK, Raleigh NC, and our newest location Columbus OH! Registration for the Hard Knocks Youth Summer Camps 2016 is open now. Follow this link to book:

We’ll see you this Summer, combatants.

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