Hard Knocks Pointe Orlando Now Serving Up Coffee & Hot Cocoa

The early bird gets the gun. At least that’s what we preach at Hard Knocks. If you need help kick starting your energy for combat, we have just the answer. Coffee. Our Combat Café in Pointe Orlando now boasts a fancy Keurig Coffee Brewer with select Starbucks and Swiss Miss options. Enjoy a hot cup of joe to re-energize yourself before the battle begins. Your body will thank you for the caffeine when guns are a blazing in all directions.

Shameless Group Sales Plug: If you’re looking to book an event with us, consider making it private. You’ll have the entire Hard Knocks location to yourself before we even open. Sure, you may have to wake up earlier than the afternoon, but that’s where the coffee comes into play. It’s all coming together now, isn’t it?

We’d love to serve your Corporate Team-Building a tray of hot caffeinated beverages to get you amped for battle. Not to mention, we have a full café with pizzas, burgers, even beer & wine. Unless you’re not the type to drink before noon… but that’s your call, soldier. Our Group Sales Department can answer all your impending questions on how to book a private (or public) event. Just give them a ring at: 855-9COMBAT Ext. 108.

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