Hard Knocks Raleigh Opens Combat Cafe Complete with Food, Beer, & Wine

Just when you thought Hard Knocks couldn’t get any better, we added a Combat Cafe to our Raleigh location. We figured our combatants would need nutrition to replenish all that energy lost in the heat of battle. The Raleigh HK Combat Cafe is now serving hot snacks such as hamburgers, cheese fries, and nachos. We even have hummus with pretzel chips for you health-conscious soldiers. (You’re welcome).

You’ll need something to wash down those hummus-covered pretzel chips, right? We have plenty of refreshments including fountain beverages and chillers to cool you down. And to complement that burger, how about a cold beer? We’re now serving beer & wine, both domestic and imported brands. We guarantee it will keep your energy running and spirits high during combat.

HK Raleigh just became a triple threat with our combat simulation, delicious snacks, and cold drinks. We dare you to say no to this trifecta of awesome. If you’re in Raleigh, stop by the newest (and most fun) thing to do in North Carolina. We’ll have our guns locked and loaded for you.

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