Holiday Party Discounted Group Packages Now Available

The holidays are just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a private combat session? We offer exclusive packages for all types of group events and have special discounted holiday bundles now available for those pesky holiday parties you have to plan. Skip that long meeting and join us for some Corporate Team Building. After all, the most interesting thing in a meeting room shouldn’t be the clock.

Calling all sororities/fraternities- your next social could be in the arena. Anyone having an End of the Year Party? We have your answer right here. Hard Knocks loves a good party. Why not celebrate yours strapped with an MP-5 in the midst of battle?

For those reserving a group party, we’ve got some perks for you…. We offer a complimentary group photo to honor your HK experience. You’ll also have the chance to unlock classified missions we keep secret from the public. You can brag to friends about it later.

To book your indoor war in East Orlando, West Orlando, Raleigh, or Tulsa, contact our Group Sales Department at (407) 359-9091 Ext. 108. Multiple combat packages are available for you to choose from. This season, stuff those stockings with fresh membership cards and head on over to Hard Knocks!


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