Raleigh Now Running Missions in the New House Arena

Raleigh is giving the other Hard Knocks’ locations a run for their money. HK Raleigh is now sporting a House arena, allowing combatants to invade suburbia like never before. With this new addition, we had to deck it out with the best amenities. Each room is furnished with realistic props to emulate your very own home. The best part? There’s a Dodge Durango parked in the arena “garage”.

You just need to nail down your strategy beforehand. Will you sneak attack from the kitchen or execute from the Durango? The options are endless, soldier. We’re even adding a grassy terrain in the near future for that extra touch. Stay tuned.

In addition to the new House arena, HK Raleigh also features a Combat Café, similar to Pointe Orlando. When you complete your mission (victoriously, we hope), you can re-energize with any of our refreshing drinks, beer and wine options, or hot snacks. In case you got distracted at the mention of beer and wine, yes- we have delicious snacks too!

We’re currently hiring for select Regulators and Managers for each of our locations (yes, including Raleigh!). To apply, follow the link here and see if you have what it takes to make it at Hard Knocks.

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